​​Shay Gestal is a violinist and singer-songwriter from Craftsbury, Vermont. She

first picked up the violin at age five, and has trained and performed classically ever since.
Shay introduced her sweet violin (fondly named Mother Teresa by its maker) to the world of

fiddling in 2012, when she joined Vermont bluegrass band Gold Town. The group performed

around the northeast at festivals such as Grace Potter's 'Grand Point North', Wilco's 'Solid

Sound', and Twiddle's 'The Frendly Gathering'. She teamed up with Gold Town lead singer

Andrew Stearns to create the honky-tonkin' band Downfall Country, as well as their most

recent duo project, Old Sky. Old Sky's first two EPs, 'Green on Fire' and 'I Miss the Blue',

were released in January, 2015 and March, 2016, respectively. They are currently in the studio

recording the final EP in their colorful trilogy, 'Red Leaves, Snowy Peak', to be released in


Shay began playing with rising artist Hammydown in early 2015, again stepping in on violin and vocal harmonies. Hammydown features and all-star cast of Vermont's finest musicians and spans a wide range of styles, all uniquely "foxy". In early September, 2015, they embarked on a three-month, cross-country tour, beginning and ending in their hometown of Burlington, Vermont. 
Guitar in hand, Shay launched her solo singer-songwriter career in 2014. A prolific songwriter, she weaves stories about crabapples and canoes, grace and silver linings, cherry wine and sunshine. She finished her three-part, year-long 'Burlington to Boulder' tour in December, 2015. Vestal Oak was born when Matt Vaughan joined her project in 2017, and they are currently organizing the production of their debut album while continuing to sing and play throughout the northeast.   



Shay Gestal

Violinist, singer-songwriter